*  WiFi.

* Coin operated showers open 24/7.

* Bathrooms, with hand soap dispensers and hand dryers.

* Coin operated laundry and dryers.

* Gray sink with hot and cold water for your pots and pans.

* We deliver Fire wood to sites.

* Childrens playground.

* Basket Ball court.

* Horseshoe pits.

* Canoe's for rent OR bring your own.

* Pet Policy, NON~ aggressive pets welcome.  Two pets only on 1 site. 

   Must be on a lead at all times, state law and campground policy.  

   Please pick up after your pet/pets.

   If your pet/pets have the tendency to bark,  please bring a  bark collar.  

   You may enjoy listening to the barking but other guests do not.


  Pets are  Not to be left alone.

   Bring your pet/pets paper work. 

 *   Local  Doggie Day Care, call them first for conditions. 

      http://www.suntarskennels.com/   207 282 1948

*  Dump Station $25.00 none paying guests.

*   Pump outs Mondays & Fridays only, $5.00.  ER pump outs $25.00.